Katte don

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How to make Katte don?

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  • Find the ingredients you like.

①Walk around the seafood or roe shops in Washo Ichiba market to find the ingredients you like.

●The ingredients are sold in slices or by weight.

●In different seasons, there are sea urchin, salmon roe, salty soft roe, hokki shell, scallop, squid, flounders, etc.

Fresh Ingredients
  • 6.Ohuchi Shoten
  • 2.Rofuan/Houki
  • 3.Iwasaki (deli)

②Buy rice in deli and put it in the don bowl.

●There are vinegared rice in some shops.

Rice or vinegared rice
  • 23.Sato-mura
  • 45.Maru-ichi Sato Shoten
  • 48.Kane-shima Shimada Shoten
  • 18.Hashimoto Shoten
  • 49.Yabe Shoten
  • 5.Polaris cafe

③Choose the ingredients you like and put them onto the rice.

  • ●The last step is to ask the staffs for some soy sauce then pour it on the rice.
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